The Microbiology, Infection Control specialities deals with the laboratory diagnosis of various infectious diseases and supports the Hospital infection control programme.
The department has the following sections :
  • Microscopy
  • Routine Culture & Sensitivity testing of urine, sputum, CSF, other sterile body fluids, Pus,
  • Tissue, Catheter tips
  • Automated blood culture techniques – BacTalert
  • Sensitivity testing with Vitek 2 Compact
  • Ensures evidence based management of infectious diseases as well as lead the infection control activities of the whole hospital by implementation of up to date evidence based protocols inside the institute.
  • One of the few centres in India to have a trained infection control practitioner as consultant.
  • Infection Control Department with Microbiology team focusses on diagnosis, management and prevention of infectious diseases including fever of unknown origin, critical infections in the ICU and fever in immuno compromised patients including HIV and post – transplant infections.
  • Follows international protocols to prevent in-hospital acquisition of infections.
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