The Department of Psychiatry at Kalinga Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services for clients ranging from children & adolescents to adults & geriatrics. The hospital runs a daily out-patient clinic & also provides inpatient care. Treatment is provided for a wide range of psychiatric disorders.
The Department has the expertise & experience of qualified personnel to perform a wide range of psychiatric treatment. Psychiatrists, qualified nurses & trained paramedics provide quality care respecting the client’s confidentiality, culture, and religion & belief systems. The treatments are tailor-made to attend to individual’s needs. It offers a therapeutic environment focusing on recovery, quality of life, restoration & personal transformation of patients.
The treatment is provided for a range of disorders among adults, children and aged.
The disorders among the adults include: 
• Psychotic disorders
• Mood & Anxiety disorders
• Adjustment disorders
• Substance use disorders
• Personality disorders
• Psycho-Sexual disorders
• Eating disorders
• Habit & Impulse Control disorders
• Psychological disorders in women
The disorders among children include:
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Oppositional Defiant & Conduct disorder
• Mental Retardation
• Pervasive Developmental disorders
• Specific Learning Disabilities
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